Oct 30, 2010


"There are No failures - just experiences and your reactions to them."

Quote: Tom Krause

Sketches by: Cay

Coloring Black!

Step 1) Find a black bike

Step 2) Pick a color...

Yummy they say - Yummy

But be careful my friends... Don´t mess around....
Go graph you children's coloring book, practice when they are sleep, and before you know it...
Your´ll be ready to rumble.

May i refere to my all time Hero Mr. Verner Panton:
Choosing colors should not be a gamble.
It should be a conscious decision.
Colors have a meaning and a function

Make it a treehouse - please...

The clearest way to the Univers is through a forrest wilderness

Quote: John Muir

Copenhagen City of Bicycles

A new bicycle book has been launched.
Not only can we learn something, but it´s for sure a cool looking book...

Author: Cecilia Vanman and Photographer: Robin Maddock
are the creative force behind the new book. Copenhagen City of Bicycles

I can only say - It´s awesome, and I´m more than pleased to be a part of it.

A Quote from the book:

"As a member of the bourgeois society I am constained:
on my bicycle I am free.

As a citizen of Copenhagen I am a poor, landless creature paying taxes to cobblestones.
On my bicycle I am master of the entire country and knight of all highways and accessible field tracks."

-Vilhem Andersen, Danish writer, 1902

The colorfull book is a must have, if you like Bicycles
and have interest in the culture behind the world leading bicycle city Copenhagen.

If you like flower power girls on bikes - YES

Tool and workshops - YES YES

Custom custom custom - Hell Yeah YES....

Snaps´from the Book

I can only recommend it.

(The book´s with English and danish text.)

More about the book HERE
Buy the book HERE

Oct 29, 2010

Oct 27, 2010


For all you Bike lovers out there I got a Special offer 4 you....

I found 3 Bike Illustrations in my workshop.

These are hand painted, ink and some watercolor on old paper.
Printed logo´s on the back.
These are 1:1 items, and you can´t get them anywhere but here....

If you want one -

Make an offer! Best offer wins!

Let me know! on my email: cay@caybroendum.com

And yes! (I do Pay Pal) I´ll send World Wide,
and yes I´ll almost guarantee you a happy life with one of these pieces on the wall....

go go go

1) MAM Bobber (SOLD - congratulations to Martin)

2) Caltex Bobber (SOLD - congratulations to Gerard)

3) Riot Bobber (SOLD - congratulations to Martin)

Oct 26, 2010

Keep Rolling

May I kiss you then?
On this miserable paper?
I might as well open the window and kiss the night air.

Franz Kafka

Meet LEE

Maybe it´s time for me to finish this painting!!! it´s over 3 years old now.....

For relaxing times...

This is just fun - if you know the movie (Lost in Translation) or not...

Oct 23, 2010

Walk the Talk´ie

Some of the coolest things are free - free to those, free to use...

For example - WALK the TALK.

Prove you words by your works
or in other words! -
Act on what you profess to believe in or value.

Just get right in to it, absolute cool factor guaranteed...