Feb 24, 2010

Time to Wrench

There is no such thing as time, in The KillerBobbers Treasure Chamber.

Only gold, cold beer, and hot pizza.
It´s Wonderland on a Wedensday -

it´s time to Wrench.

And Cheers - to good times...

Where the Money Grow

If you know, where the money grow! - please be so kind and tell me so...

(Photo and photoshop pic. by Cay)

Feb 19, 2010

Well of Cause!

From Le Container

True Happiness

Suddenly I hear this old song in the radio,
and it makes me wonder how luxury lost its luster.

(Cover from Dana Thomsons Book: Deluxe - how luxury lost its luster)

The lurics goes:
And have you ever wanted something so badly
that it possessed your body & your soul
through the night & through the day
until you finally get it!
And then you realize that it wasn't what you wanted after all.
And then those selfsame sickly little thoughts
now go & attach themselves to something....
....or somebody....new!
And the whole goddamn thing starts all over again.

The only true freedom is freedom from the heart's desires
& the only true happiness....this way lies.

(Song & lyrics: The The "Dusk" 1992. True Happiness this way Lies)

Feb 17, 2010

The Bike Brigade

This Friday my Arty-Farty Bike project Speedster, Sportster and Roadster will be displayed, at the joint venture exhibition
(at cykle...) in the well known gallery
Bredgade-Kunsthandel in Copenhagen.

Preview 16-20 PM.

If you are in the area drop by, kick a tire, have a beer.

More info on the bikes klick HERE

Feb 16, 2010

Peace - Love or Pure Fiction

An Old time favorite!

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue -

As always the Swimmsuite Issue, shows "to most of us" beauty beyond imagination.

This surreal world can remind you of pure fiction, and make you wonder, are these beautiful creatures real flesh and bones -
and can I go there!?

I indeed hope so...

On this Artpiece I made, I painted a text in the corner saying:

>> We came in Peace for all mankind. <<

Thank you - The Swimsuit Issue has just landed...

Feb 12, 2010

Your Invited

Welcome to this little Side Show & Art Preview.

I´m glad you clicked by, and very proud to present - Show "Business"

Scroll down and Enjoy!


You´r on the red carpet.


Also on the carpet, a veteran couple in Show Business.

Please welcome Mr. Pitt and wife Mrs. Angelina.
Both collectors of arts, and rare motorcycles.

Mr. Axel Rose - Crazy sharp dressed man....
Lovely hat and lady.

Mr. DON KING - promoter of all time!
Long time, no see...

Mr. Damien Hirst - surprice of the night!
Normally Top artists don´t like other artists, but in this case it´s different.
We are actually very glad to see you here Mr. Hirst...

And a special welcome to - Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark.

Tonight, in Green, with a Heavy Diamond Elephant Jewelry.
Appropriate as always.

Last but not least, welcome Mr. Gates -
Thank you for bringing the lovely ladies, and of cause -
The Old Boys...


Please make yourself comfortable -

LADIES and Gentlemen - Mesdames et Messieurs.

Time has come to reveal my latest painting

May I present -


My latest work of art, especially for you art lovers out there.

Show "Business": Acrylic and oil on canvas. H190 x W130cm

There's no Business like Show Business - Like no Business I Know...
The painting so fresh - you can even smell the wet paint...

How about that, Ladies and Gentlemen -

I´ll say

Let's go on with the show - If you tell me it's so...

Turn UP the VOLUME on your computer speakers, and press PLAY!

Let´s PARTY - Let´s Do the Can Can Can

And Now - Ladies and Gentlemen - BRING ON THE FUEL...

The Elixir of Life -

Mush-a ring dum-a do dum-a da.
Wait for the Van-o-Go´, wait for the Gogh-o-Yo.

There's Absinthe in the Jar - o.

Now watch closely - schhhh...

You don´t need eyes - you need vision! - schhhh...

Drip Drip Drip -

And Here We GOOOooooooooooooooooooooo There's Absinthe in the ring dum-a dooo!

One more Baby! - One more Maybe, yes that´s Me - One more time..

There's Absinthe in the Jar - O.


What Now! - is there more to come, Oh Noooo -
what more can I say to this Show!

Maybe only This - Yesss! They all lived happily ever after.....


Hope you enjoyed this little "Art Intermezzo" as much as I.

And remember -

It ain´t over till the Green Fairy flies....



More Art on my official site CayBroendum.com click Here