Dec 10, 2020

New CARTIER artwork by Cay Broendum for Spiegelgrachtjuweliers

Had the privilege to collaborate with @spiegelgrachtjuweliers Netherlands creating this special and unique CARTIER artwork for there new boutique.
Go visit if you're around Amsterdam or see there amazing watches online. 🎄 @spiegelgrachtjuweliers 


Nov 22, 2020

Travelers - New Painting By Cay Broendum

For the fun of it.
Some leftover colors from another painting project.
an apple, a croissant and a coffee mug 

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Sep 24, 2020

MÓSHÙ The cocktail experience

Had the pleasure to hand draw the new logo for MÓSHÙ The cocktail experience. In Copenhagen


Se more MÓSHÙ cocktail experience Visit:

Jul 7, 2020

To the SEA - Artworks by Cay Broendum

 New "To the SEA" artworks by Cay Broendum

4 new original painted artworks on old sea map from Porto Rico.

Framed in a dark oiled walnut frame Hand Made in Denmark.
Size of: 20,5 x 28,5 cm / 8 x 11,2 Inch

More on the official web.

Ship photo by: Blue Passion / ISA