Dec 26, 2022

New Painting by Cay Broendum - MockUp 1


New painting (Mockup 1)

inspiration from @simonkidston and @kidstonmotorcars padova show and snapshots. 🙏

Paint and brushes on canvas. 200x150cm painted in Copenhagen

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Dec 5, 2022

Fratello Art Collaboration / Watch Art By Cay Broendum


Watches as art

Art is a strange thing. To the eye of the beholder, anything can be art. And watch enthusiasts will likely agree with us that watches are a fantastic expression of art. This got us thinking, could watches be an artistic motive instead of an artistic medium?

Art by Cay Brøndum

Cay Brøndum, a Copenhagen-based painter, helped us realize that watches could absolutely be an artistic motive. Cay has been painting oil on canvas his whole life the old-fashioned way. His artistic range is huge, which shows in the wide variety of motives he uses for his paintings. Cay's love of watches quickly migrated into his paintings when he started painting his favorite watches in his studio.

Some of the most prolific watch collectors quickly fell in love with his watch paintings, and when they started requesting watches to be painted, the brands started paying attention as well. Cay's big watch-painting break came when Patek Phillipe commissioned him to do a series of paintings for their headquarters. Since then, Cay has created paintings of some of the world's most iconic and important watches for brands, collectors, and retailers alike. 

A match made in heaven

Our collaboration with Cay revolves around five prints of some of today's most iconic watches. These are A3 prints of hand-painted original artworks made by Cay Brøndum and numbered X/130, a subtle callout to RJ's lucky number 13. These motives were collectively curated by the Fratello team and brought to life by the artist. 

From wrist to wall 

These prints are sure to spruce up any watch enthusiast's home. Even though these watches are out of reach for many people, you can surely admire the beauty of the design, and now you can admire them every day.

Additionally, these beautiful prints also make excellent gifts for the watch enthusiast you hold dear. You simply cannot go wrong with one of Cay Brøndum works on your wall as an expression of your love for watches.