Jan 27, 2016

The Coffee Girl

 New Coffee Girl no.1 / Ink and watercolor artwork
by Cay Broendum. (Here in progress)

Have another cup!

and another one -

Artwork awating framing - se official website for more. HERE

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Jan 21, 2016

The 7th Mona Lisa

Painting by Cay Broendum
Acrylic and oil on canvas.

Size: H180 x W130 cm.

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Jan 9, 2016

Just in Time - Tempus orologo d´epoca

To be or not to be - To have or not to have - to buy or not to buy. That's the question...

Special limited artwork (1-24) for @tempus2 / @mariagiovannapiva
This year we celebrate 400 year for William Shakespeare and Hamlet - Prince of Denmark.

Contact Tempus Orologi d' epoca (Italy) for your new watch - so you'll be on time.

Visit: Tempus Orologi d' epoca


Jan 3, 2016

Fear less - Love more.

Fear less, Do more;
Eat less, Chew more;

Whine less, Breathe more;

Talk less, Say more;


Spend less, Live more;

Want less - Love more.

Coming new artwork by Cay More HERE

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