Jul 23, 2015

ROLEX GMT "sky" (Artist Edition) Tritium Patina.

 What is a (AE) marked Artwork?

AE is the term for Artist Edition. These prints are unique One off editions with special details hand painted on the Satin Canvas Prints.

More om The official: CayBroendum.com HERE


GMT"sky" Artist Edition Tritium Patina. 1-1

Jul 6, 2015

Rolex 5513 GULF by Cay Broendum

Wall Snacks for The collectors...

5513"GULF" and 5513"Firestone" Satin Canvas Print.

 Ready for delivery. 480€ shipped from Copenhagen.

Contact for more: Historic Horological Art by Cay Broendum. 

More on the official CayBroendum.com

Jun 16, 2015

Duck and Cover

 NEW large scale artwork (Duck and Cover)  by Cay Broendum

( Available POA)

 Size: 150x200cm. Acrylic and Oil on Canvas.
 Where we are going, we don't need no roads.

May 30, 2015

May 22, 2015

Watch Art

 New Artworks by Cay.

GMT and Big Crown Submariner. Painted on old paper dated 1957 and 1928.(both one offs) Hand made framed. All made In Copenhagen. Enjoy your weekend.


 Historic Horological Art by Cay Broendum. More on the official CayBroendum.com - Shipp WW from Copenhagen

May 18, 2015

What's he Painting in there?????

What's he painting in there?
I'll tell you one thing, he's not painting the playhouse for the children
But what's he painting in there???
We have a right to know...

NEW Historic Horological Art Prints


Apr 21, 2015

Rolex Daytona & The Rolex Firestone

New Satin Artworks READY for delivery, though i want to keep em' on my Wall.. 

DAYTONA"TIME" by Cay Broendum price: 430€ ex shipping from Copenhagen. 
Size: 70x100 cm 

 FIRESTONE - Rolex 5513 by Cay Broendum
price: 430€ ex shipping from Copenhagen
size: 70x100 cm

Ready To Frame.


Mar 16, 2015

Satin Canvas Print by Cay Broendum

For the first time Printed Artworks is available from Cay Broendum.

The Collage-Artwork is specially made for the Satin Canvas Print.

 (BoAE. 1)

The quality of the material is Top rated and Color will last as long as a traditionel painted artwork.

(BoAE. 2)

Size: 170x125cm / 67x50inch

Ready to frame.

 (BoAE. 3)

 (BoAE. 4)

The Satin Canvas Print is shipped in classic poster tubes.

Ready to frame.


For more visit the official web HERE

Feb 10, 2015

New Historic Horological Artwork - ROLEX GMT "Pepsi"

New Historic Horological Artwork - ROLEX GMT "Pepsi"

New LARGER SCALE Historic Horological Artwork by Cay
70x100 cm - Acrylic painted/retouched photo-collage.
Limited edition GMT 16750 Pepsi.
Historic Horological Art - (this is a original artwork by Cay Broendum) for available works see official site. Caybroendum.com 

MORE here on IG

Jan 28, 2015

New SUBMARINER 5512 Artwork

 ROLEX ref. 5512 submariner1959
Ink and watercolor hand painted on original letter dated 1957.

Where will this go!? Honestly said - I don't know.
Thanks @rareandfine for photo. Stunning piece. 👍

Historic Horological Art - (this is a original one off artwork by Cay Broendum).
No reproductions made. 

 #rolex #rolexart#rolexartwork#watchcollector#caybroendum #historichorologicalart

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Jan 14, 2015

NEW artwork by Cay /// PHrisme

PHrisme: Acrylic and oil on canvas.
Size: H190 x W130 cm

 PHrisme. inspiration / collage / surroundings

More on the offician HERE. CayBroendum.com

Jan 2, 2015

Win or Lose...

New painting by Cay Broendum: "Swiss Only" 2015

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas. Size H145 x W115 cm


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