Apr 30, 2010

An Old Bus and a Whiskey for THE KING!

Our friend and owner of my old 45" Harley, Laud Lau has decided to leave town.

And when he leaves, he leaves with style and his new Old VW bus.
What a absolutely fantastic vehicle.

speaking of moving stuff! -

How lucky can you be - found this old whiskey box arround the corner.

From a company who makes booze To His Majesty THE KING....

As told - If you read it, its true....

Business is to supply the world with the most perfect stimulant that ever left Scotland.

No wonder the box was empty when i found it...

Apr 24, 2010

The Johnny Rocket -

In DicE Magazine (issue 22) - The "Jonny Rocket" Bike was published for the first time -

and WOOOOOHHHhhh....

This 103" S&S custom build Panhead is absolutely a piece of Art .
Yoshi & Kyo from GARAGE COMPANY build this insane creation with
style and magnificent details.

I believe it´s the first of its kind in Europe!

More photos @ Garage Company HERE (go to Custom)


But - YES.

My good friend Johnny has decided to sell this baby.....

Holy Guacamole, it´s a one in a lifetime opportunity gentlemen.

The Bike is in Denmark - the title is 2007 US

Contact Johnny// jn@trion.dk

Apr 20, 2010

3 things

I once heard a Bedouin say -

If a man own more than 3 things - the things own him...


Well - okay...
3 things are even more than enough...

Apr 19, 2010

El Solitario MC graphic

Made a couple of graphics for our friends in San Pedro, Spain.

If you need graphics /logo like this! - see more at my LAYOUT site HERE

Thanks to David down in southern Spain.

Se more El Solitario MC at there Blog HERE

Apr 8, 2010

Difficult to live with - Difficult to live without

A couple of things in this world, can really make you "fly" -

and bring you downnnn.....

And then lift you up again.....

Pisc. Le Container

Apr 2, 2010


The latest SIDEBURN

Nice One.

Thanks guys, keep it up.

Se more of the BSA B40 HERE