Jul 31, 2009

Over the top!

Finnaly I´ve crossed the higest point in this Bike project. Now it´s easy, it´s down hill, it´s "just" to put the parts (that never has been assemblyed before) together...

Jul 30, 2009

Good taste & A Dragracing kid

A visit to my good friend Kasper Feldt ended up with something totally different as always!.

The set-up was a good lunch and a business talk about, bla bla bla, cars, bikes and chicks...Kasper is former set designer that today builds the most spectacular houses and interior in Copenhagen. If you have any interest in stuff like that check out Stil-Art.dk

How needs food! - Take a nap in Kaspers kitchen - Wake up - jump in the 356 - accelerate.. PS: Remember to open kitchen door...

Suddenly Kasper shows up with his little sons new "push" bike - and no doubt, that toy didn´t look cool in a super cool house, with cool stuff and white floors -

what to do!?!....

Custom Hell yeah! - in no time I repainted the push-bike, and added some freehand illustration, that probably will make the Kid will go baserk.... You asked for it Kasper....

- A BEAR and A SHOT...
Alfred´s new ride - the A´s BOMBER..

Machinegun helmet - Duck and cover...

Jul 27, 2009

Artists & Bicycle Art

Tour de France are running these days, or is it the increasing "Green-Planet" care! I don´t know....
But one thing for sure, there´s a huge focus on bicycles these days.

2 of the leading Contemporary Artist, Damien Hirst and Shephard Fairey (OBEY) has also been active decorating bicycles. If they ever had the bikes in there studios, I don´t know either. But this is the result then top of the Art-World meets state of the art - modern race bikes...

Damien Hirst Bike:

Damien Hirst Art: The asking price for "For the Love of God" skull was £50,000,000 ($100 million or 75 million euros).

Okay! - wonder what the Bike will cost then....

Shephard Fairey (OBEY) Bike:

Shephard Fairey (OBEY) art: Obama poster etc.


And back to the Cay Broendum bike studio! ....I´m not doing 1 bike but 3, you see - if one is good, 2 is better, and 3 is best.
What i´m going to with the bike trilogy is a good question! - I don´t know. But one things for sure, they will look cool, cooler, coolest and that´s reason enough to make them.

# 1 The SPEEDSTER 3 gear. (is done)

So I continue working on #2 and #3 - The SPORTSTER 2 gear and the ROADSTER 1gear.
These bikes are made the old school way, rattelcan paint and old quality parts...

Folio as a paint template
First layer paint.

Handmade Pinstripes on Velocity rims.

She fits my color program.... We can´t see the bike - but who cares....

Second layer of paint. etc etc

Sportster tank inspiration.

Harley-Davidson 1915 Model F inspiration (ROADSTER)

Old Shimano 600 Cranck for the SPORTSTER (mannn - that took me 3 hrs to polish...)

Champanolo Super Record cranck with Maffioletti for the ROADSTER (needs polish - anyone!)

NOS french Aton 600 also for the ROADSTER.

Jul 21, 2009

New Sketches for Paintings

A photo-sketch for a classic car painting, ment for the new fantastic Palma nova moto showroom and office i Copenhagen. The original photo was taken by Nils from Palmanova.
I´v slightly changed the colors to ad a flavor before it goes on the large canvas 200 x 150 cm.

2 be continued.

#2 photo-sketch for a painting. "Garage" is a mix of pics. from my friends at the Wrenchmonkees that painting will also be a 200 x 150 cm canvas.

Pussy - Chicken!


2 be continued.

Jul 20, 2009

Take cover!

"Bad artists copy - Good artists steal" Quate: Picasso

Rocking all night long

A good friend of mine, called me up yesterday and told me he got this old wooden rocking horse for his son. But it needed a little something!

Sure it did! - it needed a hole lot of classic FTW, Sex, Drugs & Rock N´Roll. - All Black, I´m a biker - I´ll sleep by the fire....

With this Custom painted "Teddy Terror" Rocking Bike ,we can all just hope The ´Kid will Rock all night long, and when he fall a sleep, he´ll dream of naked chicks and big tits filled with hot liquor...

Rock on Kid... Teddy Terror´s with you.

Jul 16, 2009

Salt Lake Triumph Auction

When you´ve been Illustration for a living for more than 18 years, it´s not that often you take a piece of paper and start drawing - for no reason...

But it happens, and here a result.
(color pencil and ink) Enjoy!

Let´s put the piece up for SALE!!! - what about highest bidder wins?!

(Auction - 18 July - 1 Aug)

The auction has ended.

Wedensday Hang Out

A good classic Wedensday Hang Out session, at the KillerBobbers Garage Cph.

kick a tire, drink a beer -

As we said: If you paint you bike black it´s on the house, the cans are in the corner!

Most of the bikes we painted down there was even painted in the dark, some in rain and some when we were drunk. But the result (with mat black spray paint) can´t go wrong! - it´s just the perfect look for a Old bike. No doubt - very user friendly....

A small illustration I made for Allan´s Indian once...

Jul 14, 2009

a MARTINI - and a Rising Sun, please...

A couple a years ago I went with my good freind Adam, to Östereich on a Jeep camp. From Copenhagen to Faak am See, we passed the small city of Gemund where Ferdinad Porsche had his first small work i a old wooden garage. The garage is still open once i a while. Among all kind of Porsche speacialities, I only took photos of this awesome MARTINI painted 911 Porsche

Immediately I knew I had to paint something like that someday .

Unfortunately i don´t have the doe to buy a Porsche. So I took a old 10" Lucero Skateboard deck i´v had forever.

Repainted white, and masking tape.

Paint: Orange, light coral blue, and dark metallic Navy

As I was painting the deck, I remembered a old Porsche-Martini adverticement from the 70´s saying:

There are leaders and there are followers.
Life is really quite simple, isn´t it?

Always liked that line. Life is really quite simple, if you think that way - isn´t it?

(Had the Porsche Martini ad in my sketchbook for years, knowing that I wanted to use the text one day.)

Then I just had to find the right parts for the skateboard - and what better to visit Sean Goff ebay store as Sean rights:

I´ve been skating since ´76. Naver gave up. I now do this ebay shop full time, ( except when I´m away skating). I´m a skateboarder...... For life...

That´s the spirit...

And Sean got the parts, a lot of rare NOS. Thanks Sean

Sims the wheel ( NOS )

Original Tracker copers 1980

Original Tracker trucks 1980

Fast shipping from UK, good price - highly recommended.


This is what project skateboard ended up with - hope you like it!

A MARTINI - and a Rising Sun, please...