Jul 5, 2009

Master of Colors, All-time Hero - Verner Panton

It´s no secret that Verner Pantons work and colors inspired a lot of us.

It´s no secret either that I met Mr. Panton several times, and we considered the possibilities for a serial of new furniture design ment for Diesel Jeans flagship stores back then (1998-2000).
Unfortunately Mr. Panton passed away, before we got the project going. I continued designing furniture for for Diesel Jeans and my cube table design (below) shows clearly the inspiration.

Verner Panton spirit lives on, and he a must on the All-Time hero list.

My "cube table" - I made 10 pieces of this table in different colors. It was ment as a sales table for clothes in Diesels fashion stores, but most of the tables ended up in private homes. The chairs are Verner Panton´s

A small corner of a Diesel 55 showrooms I made.

I only made 1 of these shelf - Super shiny and heavy as hell...

I made most of the funiture, and all of the interior design for the 3th Diesel flagship store in the world. Back then the first one opened in London, then N.Y and same weekend in Aarhus - Denmark.. A huge, but fun project. (This picture is taken from 2 floor, diesel female)

And here we go! - The master of colors and interior design.Verner Pantons restaurant Varna in Aarhus as well (on this pic.) Varna and the Diesel store are unfortunately gone now.

To me color is more important than form. However, this is not the case when I am looking at women...Quote Verner Panton

Hall way in Pantons home in Basel Switzerland.

Verner Panton Swimming pool.

A letter I recived form Panton. The round blue chip was Pantons business cards in plastic.

Choosing colors should not be a gamble.
It should be a conscious decision.
Colors have a meaning and a function.

Verner Panton


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