Aug 13, 2009

Paint, Eat, sleep - Repeat

A look into my Atelier - and the Wrenchmonkees Workshop!

The inspiration for this new painting is: Work in the Wrenchmonkees Workshop.
You will properly see this painting again when it´s done.
And maybe if you visit the Wrenchmonkees showroom Copenhagen this autumn...


  1. Hey Jeremy - You are more than welcome. Appreciate it a lot, Thanks

  2. The Wrench Monkees are getting a showroom? G

  3. Rumors say that a fantastic showroom will appear in the nearest future, it will be filled with fantastic bikes, cool T-shirts, artistic bike photos, paintings, accessories etc some say it will change the world, others talk about modern treasure chamber if you like.... I don´t know when the golden door to this nirvana will open, but I do know some of it are true! - iv´s seen the sketches for the first Edition t-shirt my self... these are a must have. Keep a eye on the Wrencemonkees new webshop, I will be launched in a few days.