Oct 19, 2009

The Sketchbooks

A quick look through my sketchbooks

Like farther - like son...

My old man had a MG (SA Saloon) like this one in pale yellow in 1948 - a shame he sold it, before I had the opportunity to chop it to a ROD...

Paris 1953. The days when you went smoking and family shopping on your bike - like everybody else...Check the kid with the shades! 2 cool 4 school.....

The first Panhead I had a crush/ride on: The "flame swine" with a Porn Deluxe decal on the oiltank - Damn! That was porn deluxe... you never forget your first ride on 1200


  1. hey Cay
    min dybeste respekt for dit meget talentfulde arbejde.

    må dine pensler aldrig løbe tøre.

    farverige og skyggefulde hilsner

    Tattoo Mini

  2. Hey Tattoo Mini. Mange tak for din kommentar, det glæder mig maget at høre. Jeg skal gøre hvad jeg kan.