Dec 10, 2009

Wish list:

To whom it may concern / Santa...

Buddyseat with stars, schirts and everything, and a set of chorme 50th wheel discs.

and a 3,2,1 Linkert setup.

That would be all!


  1. Hi Cay, there is a guy repopping the wheel discs and from time to time offering them at e-bay for buy it now 440USD.
    There was one set recently. I have a friend that bought one set for his Pan and he was very pleased with them.

    The three carb setup I think is a harder task to sort.

    Kind regards

  2. Hey Sverre. Thanks for the tip. I´ll keep an eye on e-bay. Got this link as too

    could be the same you mentioned.

    Thanks Cheers

  3. Hi Cay, I wouldnt know if those on your link are the same but for sure there is a great chance so. I wouldnt think there are to many making those. I think they are cool, should maybe get my self a pan to get an excusee to bay some.

    Did your fellow club member Allan get rid of his Knuckle or is that one still for sale?

    Kind regards from Sverre

  4. Hey Sverre. Allans Knuck is still for sale, It´s unbeliveble that the bike isn´t sold yet. Very well build, perfect running with a lot of real nice parts. I´m sure he will send you some pisc. if you like. You can mail him at - A Black Knckel would be nice under the christmas tree....