May 14, 2010


My good freind Lau droped by the Garage to show me a
new "old" gas tank for his FRISCO style triumph.

I immediately say - Hey man! why don't we paint something on that!?....

I showed Lau some rattlecans in Blue, Orange & Yellow, as an example.

Lau´s respond:/ - Cool! those colors reminds me of something from back then - when I was i Kid.. - you know! - toy cars etc.

I:/ like Hot Wheels?

Lau:/ FOR SURE - Hot Wheels it is - let´s paint it...

I:/ Sure - Shake shake shake the rattlecans.

Lau:/ I´ll go grap some beers......

Spray spray spray

Masking tape on - Masking tape off

Spray spray spray - always remember mask and good ventilation....

Hot Wheels Logo in 0.0005 sec - thanks our online phones.
- and then a Beer..

Quick sketches - and a beer more...

Hand painted Hot Wheel logo ( One shot paint)

A couple of hours later -

Done! -

and THEN a beeeer.....

Fun evning for sure, 100% Garage Made.


  1. It definitely was a great day in the garage.. That gas tank turned out so awesome!

    Thanks Cay!

    Frisco Kid Hot Wheels 1977