Jul 29, 2010


So my good friend Jens dropped by today with his fantastic V8 Flathead Ford from 1936. With the absolutely fantastic idea! -
let´s paint something on it!

You bet! we can paint something on it...
I LOVE painting on old perfect patinated cars like this.

Work in progress - sketch sketch, paint paint paint

Jens is a Blacksmith so I thought it was obvious to hand letter/paint UNION STEEL (in Gold) on the doors.
The car is for 1936, so we name the street adress: 36 Newbury St. Boston
cause the car was original from - Boston.... of cause!

Now there´s a new story to tell.
And when people ask: Is this really a old Union Steel Service car?

The answer will properly be: Yes it is....

And a beer... salut


Sweet job to do - please bring em´on folkes...


  1. Very nice Cay, looks like we have both been up to the same thing, at the same time, just on the other side of the ocean from each other. I just lettered a truck much the same way this last week, and posted pics on my blog. It's great to see other sign writer / artists working their craft. And doing it well! Traditionaly...

  2. So amazing, I would really like to have a '36 or '37 of my own someday. The lettering was a great idea.