Oct 27, 2010


For all you Bike lovers out there I got a Special offer 4 you....

I found 3 Bike Illustrations in my workshop.

These are hand painted, ink and some watercolor on old paper.
Printed logo´s on the back.
These are 1:1 items, and you can´t get them anywhere but here....

If you want one -

Make an offer! Best offer wins!

Let me know! on my email: cay@caybroendum.com

And yes! (I do Pay Pal) I´ll send World Wide,
and yes I´ll almost guarantee you a happy life with one of these pieces on the wall....

go go go

1) MAM Bobber (SOLD - congratulations to Martin)

2) Caltex Bobber (SOLD - congratulations to Gerard)

3) Riot Bobber (SOLD - congratulations to Martin)

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