Apr 27, 2011

Toast, Egg and a Laugh

Easter in The Garage Club:

A creative day in the garage can starts like this.

Bring all kind of paint! - you never know what surface you will work on...

Make a stencil.

Transfer the stencil, paint over.

You can write the Garage Club name like I did here, or a poem!
- or maybe just write a note that says Hey You - Cool bike...

Wait for the paint to dry -

Another creative activity this Easter was these Garage Club tattoos I made.

Same procedure as the lettering:

Make a stencil -"glue" on - fill in colors.
A electric tattoo-machine is recommended for this job...

Actually these are the first to tattoos I made with Colors.

And after a good days work -

have a toast, an egg and a laugh.

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