Oct 25, 2011

Around the World

In 1928 a 15 year old boy called Palle Huld, won a trip around the world.

The competition was held by the Danish newspaper Politikken.

After Palles return to Denmark he wrote a book with his experiences - called: Arround the world in 44 days by Palle...

That hole thing inspired Belgian comic writer and artist Hergé
to invent the comic book: The Adventures of Tintin.

and that inspired Spielberg to make a movie -
The Secret of the Unicorn
(in the original French, Le Secret de la Licorne)

and that inspired me, to make a painting... Here -
back in Denmark.....

Painting: (The Unicorn)
Acrylic and oil on canvas. H204 x W124 cm
Price on request. cay@caybroendum.com

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