Mar 5, 2012

The DNA / HTML of an Artwork...

Can you say there´s some kind of a code, HTML or DNA behind a artwork.

Some´ll say NO! - Viva La Expressionism,
it´s all Inside Out - Art is in the heart - it´s total out of control, etc etc.

But Today and for me, we start with a blank page in my scrap book.
A reloaded fountain pen, and a new idea for a "code" that starts like this:

// Seek´n Hide/Find. The Birds-Coins
Coin-Bird.. Coin Birds. Round Coins.
// 1 - 8 / serial ***

there will be a lot of work, Ladies and Gentlemen.

A lot of paint will float, and I can´t garantee what you will experience,
you stay tuned to this New Program....

One thing´s for sure, this will be something new - and not only for me!


Hope you will enjoy this new serial of Blog Posts

(will be updated)

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