May 25, 2012

Dont copy - Steal!

Work in progress....

From my scrapbook. (Painting Picasso)


Kandinsky knew Paul Gauguin, I don´t know if they were friends?
but Picasso were friends with Matisse.

And everybody was looking at each others work - looking for something to "steal" or something to be inspired from, in other terms.

These boys are all gone now, but we can still learn a lot from them.

I think Picasso was the only one brave enough to say it loud - Quote:

Bad artist copy - Good artist steal... 

Pic. My latest work in progress, and in order to do my work as good as possible, I steal colors from Kandinsky and Gauguin.

If you gonna steal some colors - steal the best colors there is.... 

More to come...

(The serial will be 4 paintings.)
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and get away with it....

Sincerely Yours


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