Dec 15, 2012

Ready to Dive - Captain

Some of you remember Captain Nemo
and his fantastic Submarine The Nautilus.

 I ´n not the only one Inspired by Jules Verne ´s universe, Captain Nemo and the Nautilus.

One of the finest watch designers ever lived Mr. Gerald Genta designed the legendary sports watch named  Nautilus for Patek Philippe inspired by Nemos Sub.

And I can only say I love the Story, the watch and everything that goes along with it.

My latest Artwork (The Nautilus) will soon be ready and up 4 $ALE.

if you look closely you can see the paint drops ain´t dry yet.

Three years before writing his novel, Jules Verne studied a model of the newly developed French Navy submarine Plongeur at the 1867 Exposition Universelle, which inspired him for his definition of the Nautilus

Artwore on official site HERE

Motto of the Nautilus:
Mobilis In Mobili (latin) - Moving within the moving element.


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