May 18, 2009


Ok! - Last week I was on Google, surfing Vintage Board Track Bike etc. And then! - This picture shows up -

this is just 2 cool 4 school... I feel like that guy - I am that guy!... but I don´t have a Race Bike like that guy!... Immediatly I realized, that I needed to make a cool vintage racer for the streets of Copenhagen - now today. Our city is actually one of the worlds best City´s for bicycling.(check Copenhagenize) and learn why. N.Y, London etc. is trying to copy our bike policy big time, I can only recommend that. It´s Green it´s healthy, and there´s a lot of chicks in the bike lane...


What to do!? - I track down the coolest Bike shop in Copenhagen! That shop happens too be 2 streets away from me. Nice.... And it´s even called Track Bike Shop. Mostly they do Fixies etc. Nice trend ( if your acrobatic!) and if you like colors - ( And we do that...) They sold me some real cool parts, for my build. But no Fixie hub, thanx! - this is a "Speedster" project.... I took an old Viva lightwaight frame,(Good for a beginner) chopped everything off, mounted Velocity rims, Soma drop bar, and San Marco Regal suede seat (uhhhhh) nice one. But most important! the rear hub i a traditional Sram T3 (3 speed hub) the front drive is a huge mother Fu**** 52T and 16T on the back. That makes the drive on the bike very heavy and fast. The trigger shifter is a classic Old Style Sturmey-Archer - of cause....

This paint job was Rattelcans in the back yard. A colors a mix of New race and Old Style.

MMMMMMMM MOTIP. Shake and Inhale....

Thank´s for the hat by the way. (Track Shop)

Everything is hand painted on the frame. No stickers - No folio!

SPEEDSTER Race Track Bike # 1


Actually! I´ve done quite some research on new and old bikes, and frames. I honestly! I wonder why no one "out there" is making any cool retro inspired frames. Even expensive frames are mostly one color with a boring folio logo. Come on!!!!.... Let´s do some crazy stuff on those frames with pinstripes, nice done details and everything....

SO! if you´r a big time Bike manufacture, and you´r hard on selling the shit, but don´t know that Red & Yellow makes Orange, and that goes fine with green... well - drop me a mail...-

That´s it folks!



  1. Don't be a pussy, convert it into a fix! It'll fuck up your knees for life, but the chicks dig it! Btw when are you going to pinstripe my Lambretta?