Jun 20, 2009


How more oveously is it to name the next bicycle build SPORTSTER (1 gear) - when the first was called SPEEDSTER (3 gear)... And suddenly there´s only one way to end this custom colored project! Make it a´ trilogy and call the last bicycle build a ROADSTER (2 duomatic gear)

Then I´ll promish you to start building something els.....

But until then: Here the SPORTSTER´s final color sketch.

Some of you Biker folks proberly remenber the awesome AMF Harley-Davidson gastanks from the 70´s

Parts small line ud. All hubs are NOS. Just found a very nice French Malliard front hub with 1984 ingarved on it. Never been used. Chance the fat in the berings, polish it, and you got a small piece.

Volocity rims from the Track Shop


  1. I don't remember meeting anyone that thought fondly of the time that Harley spent in the hands of AMC, some of the most boring Harleys ever produced rolled out in those years :oP

  2. Hey Angus. Agree - the Aermacchi marriage was not the best one. But the colors and the graphic on the gas-tanks was cool i´ll say.