Jun 14, 2009

TORPEDO Duomatic

The project is on - Make a Killer Uban bike, better than The Boardtrack SPEEDSTER

The new drawings and first parts, are on my desk.

It has to be even more basic, than the 3 Speed-Speedster, that means the nice Sturmey-Archer Trigger shifter must go. Sad but true!
Goodbuy to the trigger and 3 speed SRAM T3 and, hello to the TORPEDO-Duomatic (kick back 2 speed hub) -

unfortunately that one has not been produced for over 20 years!
That´s a shame! truely, I find the hub and idea just perfect for Urban bikes.

And I´m not the only one with that hub/bike combination in mind - look at this guy.

Even the bike company Pashley have given the Duomatic thought - thums up! creating this cool looking vintage racer.


Untill the Bike manufactures will see the "2 speed light", and let the DUROMATIC - RISE FROM THE ASHES...

We can only wish and search the web. - and after a little hunt Uhhhhhhhh Yeah - bingo!

I discovered this hidden treasure in Holland.

Look who they shine ***$$*BLING BLING $$ new old stock Duomatic´s . never been used*** Wooooouuuu...

And here´s what the lucky owner Marco right about it:

I got a lot of contact over the last weeks via the hubstripping page. There is unbelivable amount of persons who are interested in hubs! I got in contact with a hub freak in Germany. He offered me a few dozen Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo Duomatic and Automatic hubs with 36 spoke holes. He got them by a german bicycle maufacturer who stored them in his cellar stock since 1981.

There were two aspects who influenced me:
- Diversifing my retirement arrangement
- Hub fetish

Since one week I´am the owner of 100 Sachs Duomatic and 50 Sachs Automatic (red version) hubs 36 holes!

Details will follow in a seperate post. My idea is to sell them via Hubstripping.com!

Gruß Marco.


  1. I have one made in 1967. It was on my father's bicycle, which I now have.

    It works extremely well. Two gears is all I need for my commute - 1:1 and 1:1.36. Bet it will last another 42 years. Simple but brilliant design.

    Wonder where Pashley acquired the hubs for their 50 limited edition bikes?

  2. Hey A. Thanks for your comment. It is a god question with the 50 ltd. Pashley bike hub. I´v heard that it´s a redesign made by Shimano... If it´s true and if it will last more the 42 years - I simply don´t know....

  3. Now looking for 1 of these hubs... Moulton were selling some 'dead stock' but all sold now. - if any come up for sale let me know! will@wmdlondon.com

  4. dunno if my first comment got posted- sorry if repeating lol wd love to buy one of these torpedo hubs for a bike design I'm putting together if any are spare