Jan 18, 2010

Traveling Back in Time -

A new painting is on its way.

The motif I´m doing is a modern version of a old Paul Fischer painting
(Højbro Plads - Copenhagen) from 1890.
Its work on commission so the format has changed a little from the original.

This is the Original painting is from the Danish artist Paul Fischer 1860 - 1935.

Notice the building in the Back, no roof cause the building burned in 1886.

Before I started the painting I made a quick time travel back 100 year to the center of Copenhagen to do some research before I started up on the painting.

Then I discovered - Something just don´t change in our town..

The traffic is still heavy in the streets, just like today.

People are still getting tattooed

And we are still having a party when it´s possible....
That hasn´t changed for sure.

This square is Højbroplads Cph.
Same square the Fischer Painting are made on.
This photo is from 1918 and if you notice the tower on Christians Borg (one of the main buildings in Cph) it´s being rebuild after the fire i mentioned before in 1886

If you look at this picture i took yesterday, you can see they have not finished the work on the tower yet....

You know why?!

Cheers buddy...

Come Ooooon - you can Do It! One more and then we go back to work....


Old photos taken from the book Københavnerliv.
See/buy the book here

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