Mar 10, 2010


Made these sticker graphics once for my freinds @ the Wrenchmonkees.
Just found them by a coincidence.

If any one of you out there, need a graphic or a logo, please let me know I´ll make you one.

*****All included and - world wide delivery

My Old logo - 1/2 Von Dutch 3/4 Coca-Cola, mixed together with a little Peugeot Lion and lime...

Made these graphice to as an example. inspiration: The swann chair by Arne Jacobsen.

this was another example i made, this time I included the Wall!


  1. Hola!
    Nice Work
    I will like to see the hotel, look very nice
    Other think.
    I send some of my stencil to
    Have a look, meaby, you are interested
    Antonio Merinero

  2. Thanks Antonio. I´ll have a look at it. Keep it goin´


  3. It looks very nice Cay :)

    The Hot Rod wall is very cool, dit you made that one as well ?

    I noticed the WM logo which says "1th Edition" is that on purpose ? Isn't it "1st Edition"

    See you in the garage, cheers. Peter.

  4. Hey Pee-Jay. Yep I did the wall as well. You can use 1th as well as 1st.
    C U

  5. Hello Cay ! Really nice work !! I appreciate your work in logo design too ! In particular the logo for the hotel Jacobsen in blue !! ;-)