Mar 9, 2010


Having OBEY on my favorite list. I´ll say Banksy to.

UK street artist Mr. Banksy´s work, is fantastic.
It´s fun, cool, it works with the surroundings.

Its has value, and is great contemporary art.

And even more cool.
Banksy rights on his site following:

Banksy does not endorse or profit from the sale of greeting cards, mugs, tshirts, photo canvases etc. Banksy is not on Facebook,
Myspace, Twitter or Gaydar.
Banksy is not represented by any form of commercial art gallery.

See more Banksy Here

1 comment:

  1. Street art is cool, this beeing grafitti or stencil arts or related.
    Banksy is a hero, in Norway we have Dolk that have earned reputation as our most "famous" street artist tough "invisible and unknown".

    Its a shame our motorcycle hobby is costly as it is, I would have liked to see more young guys from the street art/skater enviroment getting into custom bikes too when still young.