Aug 10, 2010

PH 5 Custom Lamp

A good friend of mine asked me if I had the Time,
to help him create a special present for his wife.

Well of cause - special personal presente are no. 1

He told me, she noticed the Granate Lamp I made once,
so we decided to continue that way and customize a classic PH lamp for her.

And who can ask for a better "canvas" than the famous PH 5 lamp
by the Danish architect Poul Henningsen.

First of all!
Try to imagien how you want the look/layers/colors on the lamp -
and then remember that image...This part is very Important...

Cause when you bring all the pieces apart you have absoutely no clue what it would look like untill you bring it together again.

You could also make a drawing first - but then again..... no! just gooo

Disasampling all part - rattle rattle spray paint.

Carefully moving the painted parts

bringing the parts together again.

The plywood board I painted the parts on! and some blue masking tape.

The result!

The new Lamp.

Here together with one of my paintings