Dec 10, 2011

On our way to the Top of the World

When I first time saw this updated vertion of the Rolex Explorer watch, I thought - Nice with the red.....

Then I started to research a bit on the Explorer watch and the hole Rolex commitment, and then it started to be interesting and inspiring.

Honestly, the Rolex watches are nice tool watches, good quality and properly a very reliable mechanical watch.
( We like mechanical stuff...)

But the real Cool Factor is not in the Explorer watch itself.
It lies definitely with these two guys, Sir Edmund Hillary and Mr. Tenzing Norgay...


Snap shot from my coming painting, The Explorer. "featuring Edmund & Tenzing"
(see more of the painting in the post below

I hope my coming painting will represent a bit of the spirit from this amazing expedition and the two Heroes, just like the watches are trying to do.

Cause that´s chilling Cool Factor...

Se more of the Expedition and the custommade watches HERE

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