Dec 22, 2011

Packed Inspiration

Got a package the other day.

When the postman handled it over,
I had absolutely no idea what was inside.
But HEY! - It´s close to Christmas so you never know...

In the package there was a art book by Julian Schnabel.
Oh yes - now I remember..

Julian Schnabel is absolute one of my favorite artists.

So If any of you out there know him, please let me know... I´v heard he has a beautiful daughter to...

(Painting by J. Schnabel. Las Ninas, 1997)

(Painting by J. Schnabel.Gimme a Chance to Gamble My Stuff Back.2002)

(Painting by J. Schnabel. Sonanbul 2005)

A great and very Inspiring book indeed.

So there was only one thing to do!

Jingle Jingle Action Action - to the studio immediately...

found this old canvas with some unfinished background paint.
It has been standing in the corner of the studio for a year or to.


some food and a beer -

And - Canvas Attack....

(work in progress)

There will be 3 girls on this new painting (work title: Magnetic Flower)
Inspired by Mr. Schnabels (Las Ninas) painting with the 2 girls.

3 girls are good i think, cause 3 girls will never agree....

Girl .1 painted by Cay

Girl .2

and Girl .3

And here we go - Painting by Cay. (Magnetic Flower)

MMMMmmm the smell of Magnetic Flowers, and wet paint... Does it get any better...

Acrylic, and Oil on Canvas. H190 x W130 cm

Currently Cay is looking for collaborators.
Art Agents and Sales people, Europe and US.

If you have any inquiries, or comments.
Please contact.

More art by Cay HERE

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