Jul 27, 2009

Artists & Bicycle Art

Tour de France are running these days, or is it the increasing "Green-Planet" care! I don´t know....
But one thing for sure, there´s a huge focus on bicycles these days.

2 of the leading Contemporary Artist, Damien Hirst and Shephard Fairey (OBEY) has also been active decorating bicycles. If they ever had the bikes in there studios, I don´t know either. But this is the result then top of the Art-World meets state of the art - modern race bikes...

Damien Hirst Bike:

Damien Hirst Art: The asking price for "For the Love of God" skull was £50,000,000 ($100 million or 75 million euros).

Okay! - wonder what the Bike will cost then....

Shephard Fairey (OBEY) Bike:

Shephard Fairey (OBEY) art: Obama poster etc.


And back to the Cay Broendum bike studio! ....I´m not doing 1 bike but 3, you see - if one is good, 2 is better, and 3 is best.
What i´m going to with the bike trilogy is a good question! - I don´t know. But one things for sure, they will look cool, cooler, coolest and that´s reason enough to make them.

# 1 The SPEEDSTER 3 gear. (is done)

So I continue working on #2 and #3 - The SPORTSTER 2 gear and the ROADSTER 1gear.
These bikes are made the old school way, rattelcan paint and old quality parts...

Folio as a paint template
First layer paint.

Handmade Pinstripes on Velocity rims.

She fits my color program.... We can´t see the bike - but who cares....

Second layer of paint. etc etc

Sportster tank inspiration.

Harley-Davidson 1915 Model F inspiration (ROADSTER)

Old Shimano 600 Cranck for the SPORTSTER (mannn - that took me 3 hrs to polish...)

Champanolo Super Record cranck with Maffioletti for the ROADSTER (needs polish - anyone!)

NOS french Aton 600 also for the ROADSTER.

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