Nov 22, 2009

Motorcycle Art

This is a seria of Motor cycle Art that I´m Working on.

Found a bunch of old papers from the 1960.
They are German instruction for some kind of Industrial machinery.
The instructions papers are interesting and all tell something different.
The machine they tell us about are all gone, and so are the old danish company where i found the papers in a ruin (Dansk Soyakagefabrik A/s) 1918-1991)

Now the papers will have a different use. They are becoming small art piecesmade the old style way - Ink, prush and watercolor.

Interested in artwork like this!

Check out what´s up for sale:  HERE

NOTE: I send worldwide



  1. Hej Cay,
    Great idea, tasteful, unique and timeless - I'll keep it in mind, and send it forward :)


  2. Great Idea Cay !! And this is a kool render !!
    My bike is a sort of basket case for the moment but if you still have old papers in spring , it could interest me (may be a little expensive for me ... )

  3. Hey Josh. You are always welcome - maybe if there´s some parts left in the case this spring we can a swab something. As a Panhead owner you are always on the look for old spare parts.