Nov 11, 2009

One man´s junk - another man´s jewel.

There´s so many things that makes a great Bike.
One man´s junk - another man´s jewel, as they say....

I think the most important thing, is that you make the bike yours.
Whatever you do to it - dosn´t really matter - as long as you feel good about it, and think it look cool.

I, as many, has a huge photo archive on my Mac with all different kind of bikes.
All extraordinary examples.

Each time I run through this archive it makes me happy, thinking about all the good times and long hrs you put in to it, creating it.

I think there´s a lot of people out there, that appriciate it, we gets inspired from what you do.
I must say - I do!

Should pick 3 bikes out of my archive right this moment that inspire me most - it will go to these following examples.

Bam Baaammmm BA Dammmmm

And the nominees for most Inspiring Bike in the archive Tonight - are.......

The Knuckel -

The Pan -

and The Shovel ........

Whomever made them! thank you for doing that.



  1. I think I have the same archive as yours!

  2. I too have a lot of the same shots in the archive!
    The pan is obviously by Nice Motorcycles and I'm pretty sure the bottom one is by Brat Style