Nov 2, 2009

My BSA tracker

These sharp photos was then taken by Kristian Holm

And this photo by me, when I bought the BSA...

My inspiration -

The head light was from a old tractor, the rear from a TT Yamaha. The rear tire was for trial, and the seat some home made stuff.

The special attachments on the seat was for a water bottle, the newspaper, or a towel and swimwear.

Can´t say this is latest news! I made the bike back in 2002.. - But I just found these pisc. and remember, I liked that BSA a lot.

It was perfect for the city traffic, and a quick ride to the beach.


  1. that is one smooth looking bike...i'd say worthy of a painting..

  2. Hummm Yeah! good idea. I´ll make a notice on that one. Thanks

  3. Outstanding! Very nicely done - I can usually find something on a resto that I would do a little different - but I wouldn't change a thing with this rebuild - a work of art. Kudos

  4. Hey MojoMan. Thanks for the kind words. Appriciate it. I can tell you that the buyer some years ago had the same feeling. He Dosn´t ride it much, cause it´s placed in a very nice showroom. I think he enjoys it like a piece of art. So nothings changed on the bike.

  5. Good one mate, love your work.
    Dan from New Zealand

  6. very Tasty bike, and beautiful pics.

  7. Thanks Dan and Vincent, for comment. Enjoy

  8. In 8negro are in love with your precious machine. Enjoy!

  9. The best bsa!!!


  10. wou" great bike.

    I gonna put in my blog.

  11. Hi there Cay!
    This bike is soooo perfect.
    Is there anyway you could tell me where you obtained the front headlight?
    I have a 68 victor that I have been working on, Its a tracker bike that I'm turning street legal.
    Thank you a million!

  12. Hey Brian. The headlight is from a old tractor. Found it on a fleamarket 2$ - it´s nothing special you can use something simalare like a Bates light or a repliac lamp. theres a lot of them arroung. Good luck with the project.